Tasting of local products from Corfu

During my stay in Corfu, Greece, I had the chance to taste several local products. I was blown away by the quality of the products and I strongly recommend that you try them during your trip to the island. I will share with you my gastronomic experiences and the wonderful discoveries I made there. From Corfu cold cuts, to delicious drinks and marinated nuts, to the island’s delicious special dishes, I will introduce you to Corfu’s most popular food products. You will notice the authenticity and diversity of the products on offer, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Don’t miss this article and discover the extent of Corfu’s gastronomy!

The traditional cuisine of Corfu

Corfu’s traditional cuisine is full of flavours and colours. Enjoy the local ingredients and exotic preparations that make this island unique in Greece. Vegetable fries, traditional rice dishes and recipes made from fresh seafood are among the many tasty dishes served. Mezedaki, an option widely chosen by restaurants, is a varied selection of small, orderly portions of roumani, a special sauce made from tomatoes, onions and fish or meat.

With dishes that are brewed with wild herbs, vegetables, fruit and local produce cooked to perfection, you are sure to enjoy yourself! Corfu’s cuisine is an unexplored adventure for amazing taste pleasures. Take the plunge and discover all the secrets of Corfu’s cuisine. You won’t be disappointed.

Corfu’s local produce

Local produce includes fresh vegetables, spices, Corfu wine and olive oil. Nothing beats the taste of the local olive oil made from Corfu olives.

Corfu wine is also very famous and is ideal to serve with typical Corfu dishes. Spices are one of the most popular products of Corfu and are very aromatic, giving a unique and delicious taste to food.

The most famous vegetables are ripe tomatoes and juicy clementines. Corfu tomatoes are very tasty and are usually accompanied by olive oil and local spices.

If you are looking for the best local products of Corfu, you can find them in the local shops and markets. If you are looking for a unique culinary experience, visit the island and add the local products to your recipe for a delicious taste.

The wines of Corfu

For centuries, the quality and diversity of the wines produced on the island have been part of its wine culture.

The red wines produced on the island are famous for their aromatic flavour and notable alcohol content. For example, Négrette Corfiot is made from a local grape variety and is considered one of the best reds in the region. It is characterised by notes of red fruit, as well as a nice bouquet of vanilla and Jamaican pepper.

The most popular white variety produced on the island is Moschato, known for its lemony taste and dried fruit aromas. Most of the white wines are fresh dry wines with floral and fruity aromas, a perfect accompaniment to Corfu’s fish dishes.

Not forgetting the sparkling and semi-sparkling wines produced with the Moschato Gialato grape variety which are perfect to accompany your desserts, Corfu wine is certainly something you will enjoy tasting and discovering.

What to see and do in Corfu?

Corfu is an impressive little Greek island. If you are looking for an exotic holiday destination, Corfu is the right choice.

You can discover white sandy beaches and coastal towns steeped in rich history. Visit the Palace of the Ionic Islands or the ancient fort of Motrí. There are many natural parks and archaeological sites to explore.

And there’s more than just things to see in Corfu. You can enjoy full days of shopping, romantic beach walks and water adventures in boats, kayaks or diving. Corfu cooking classes and live music are also available.

Corfu also offers a variety of nightly entertainment such as shows and concerts. Night clubs and bars are available to ensure you have an unforgettable time. There are also many gourmet restaurants and romantic cafes offering delicious cuisine.

Water sports available in Corfu

The island offers unlimited possibilities to explore the watery world. With wind conditions highlighting its location, Corfu makes kitesurfing more fun and convenient. On Ionio beach you will find the largest equipment and safaritours that organise cruises and boat trips around the island. For divers, Corfu is home to the beautiful Paxas Reef, which is only accessible by boat. The Mediterranean Sea is a haven for all kinds of sea creatures, including colourful fish and shrimp.

The island stands out for its many opportunities for surfing and wakeboarding. Several surf spots near the beaches of Anartei and Antinioti offer surfers waves for beginners or advanced levels. The beaches of Canal d’amour and Avlaki offer perfect conditions for paddle boarding and kayaking. In addition, sailing and scuba diving are also available. For windsurfing enthusiasts, Barbati beach offers some of the best conditions.

Corfu is undoubtedly a fascinating destination for water sports enthusiasts. Perfect conditions and an ideal environment to embark on a water adventure trip.

Visit Corfu by yacht

Corfu, the pearl of the Adriatic coast, is a paradise on earth. Enchanting places, rich in colour, culture and tradition around Greece blend together to form an island that is a must-see. One of the most romantic and enjoyable ways to discover this island is by sailing on a yacht.

The yacht charter in Corfu is more than recommended if you want to explore the calm waters of the Ionian Sea, call at one of the many ports and anchorages of the island and enjoy its natural beauty. On board you can enjoy delicious food prepared by the chef, ride the waves to the rhythm of the ocean, admire the most beautiful sunsets and discover the many coves, beaches and historical sites. Choose this unique experience and book your yacht for an unforgettable visit to Corfu. Experience this unique adventure and discover the island in a different and luxurious way.

A culinary revelation in Corfu!

All in all, the tasting of Corfu’s local products is a unique experience that is worth trying. The island’s local produce offers a variety of tasty options for tasting a variety of special products in Corfu. Corfu cuisine is rich, varied and colourful, exploring local producers and fresh ingredients from the island. By sharing this experience whenever and wherever, you can be sure to discover the flavour and taste of the island of Corfu!