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 We are proud to annouce the first FLEX MOBILE CALENDAR !


flex mobile calendar

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  • The KCCalendarMobile component has been designed for Flex mobile development of calendar applications.
  • It can be used on iOS & Android platforms with the Flex SDK 4.6.
  • Here are its features:
  • Multiple views: day, week, month views.
  • Day/Week view with all-day events dedicated zone for events across multiple days.
  • Full skinning possibilities: every calendar part (control bar, views, day cells, day headers, day bar, column headers, month cells, week bar, hour grid) can be skinned and item renderers can be customized.
  • Column mode
  • Support event split on 2 days
  • Supports SDK 4.6
  • User interaction:
    • Item click
    • Item long-press
    • Cell click
    • Day click
    • Week click
  • Navigation:
    • Range change via control bar arrows
    • View change with day, week click and up arrow click
  • Event concurrency management
  • Concurrency support in column mode
  • Flexibility: no object type is imposed, total freedom is given to developers
  • Transitions during navigation to previous & next time range
  • High display performances
  • Localization support
  • Range selection support (long touch & move)
  • Customizable start & end hour
  • Customizable first day of the week
  • Flash builder integration
  • Embedded AsDoc


The component manages 3 different types of views:

The Day view:

flex mobile calendar day view

The Week View :

flex mobile calendar week view

The Month View :

flex mobile calendar month view