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New Mobile KC-Calendar comes with... full DRAG AND DROP !!

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+ Miscellaneous enhancement & non critical bug fixes :

- Enhancement #249: gives the possibility to scroll the day/week view to the first or last visible item
- Fix #251: Swipe navigation could be done while doing a range selection on day headers in week view
- Fix #259: Range/Today/Selected date highlight are not correctly done when week bar is not visible
- Fix #260: In month view events on weeks close to some daylight saving time clock change are not displayed on right days
- Fix #262: All day-events could be displayed as normal ones if they occurs on the DST clock change (change forward) day and their duration is exactly a day

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Synchronize calendar components !

Now with V1.8 you can display multiple calendar components and synchronize it for complex displays...


Enhancements :

* Control the scroll in day/week view (possible to synchronize scroll between 2 components - verticalScrollPositionWeekDayView property)
* Scroll to a given hour in day/week view (scrollToHour method)
* Less memory usage (useless NoDisplayedItemsPopup removed)
* KCDateFieldNew: handle CTRL+click on selected date (KCMiniCalendar) to set the date to null
* New parameter onlyVisibleArea in printCurrentView method to only print the visible area (new onlyVisibleArea in printCurrentView method)
* Add "lassoSelection" event upon lasso selection

And here are the bug fixes :

- Fix #235: bug in week number computation (at least for 1st week of 2013)
- Fix #237: selectedItems setter does not work as expected (selected items are not correctly refreshed)
- Fix #238: visibleRangeChange could be dispatched twice when clicking on a day or a week in month view and clicking on the week number in day view
- Fix #244: Overriding control bar range labels dateRangeFirstDateFormat & dateRangeSecondDateFormat may trigger exception in week view
- Fix #245: KCMiniCalendar is not updated with the current date when it is opened
- Fix #254: event across 2 years are not displayed correctly
- Fix #255: no dateClick event in week/day view if calendarLinksEnabled = false
- Fix #256: dateClick event is dispatched upon a cell click in month view even if calendarLinksEnabled is true
- Fix #257: Day/Week view is not displayed correctly when default view is month view & data collection change occurred while switching to week/day view
- Fix #258: In month view, item renderer display is not updated upon data provider change
- Fix #262: All day-events could be displayed as normal ones if they occurs on the DST clock change (change forward) day and their duration is exactly a day


New 1.1 Mobile KC-Calendar is ready ! 

- Add monthSelectedDate property to highlight a date in month view
- In column mode, event with column set to -1 are hidden
- Better management of day bar label localization
- Documentation now lists styles
- Add relatedObject in events triggered by the component

+ Miscellaneous enhancement & non critical bug fixes 

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 We are proud to annouce the first FLEX MOBILE CALENDAR !


flex mobile calendar

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KCCalendar on Google Play

Or look for 'KCCalendar' in Google Play

  • The KCCalendarMobile component has been designed for Flex mobile development of calendar applications.
  • It can be used on iOS & Android platforms with the Flex SDK 4.6.
  • Here are its features:
  • Multiple views: day, week, month views.
  • Day/Week view with all-day events dedicated zone for events across multiple days.
  • Full skinning possibilities: every calendar part (control bar, views, day cells, day headers, day bar, column headers, month cells, week bar, hour grid) can be skinned and item renderers can be customized.
  • Column mode
  • Support event split on 2 days
  • Supports SDK 4.6
  • User interaction:
    • Item click
    • Item long-press
    • Cell click
    • Day click
    • Week click
  • Navigation:
    • Range change via control bar arrows
    • View change with day, week click and up arrow click
  • Event concurrency management
  • Concurrency support in column mode
  • Flexibility: no object type is imposed, total freedom is given to developers
  • Transitions during navigation to previous & next time range
  • High display performances
  • Localization support
  • Range selection support (long touch & move)
  • Customizable start & end hour
  • Customizable first day of the week
  • Flash builder integration
  • Embedded AsDoc


The component manages 3 different types of views:

The Day view:

flex mobile calendar day view

The Week View :

flex mobile calendar week view

The Month View :

flex mobile calendar month view




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Features & enhancement

  • SDK 4.6 support : now KCCalendar comes with version for SDK 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, 4.1, 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.6
  • Allow all-day event to be dragged & dropped as normal events. Feature is controlled by the allowAllDayEventToNormalEventDragAndDrop property (false by default). New event duration is controlled by the allDayEventToNormalEventNewDuration property, in minutes (60 by default).
  • Allow normal event to be dragged & dropped as all-day events. Feature is controlled by the allowNormalToAllDayEventDragAndDrop property (false by default). New event duration is controlled by the normalToAllDayEventToNormalEventNewDuration property, in days (1 by default).
  • Add the possibility to specify the maximum all-day event visible count (uses scrollbar). Feature is controlled by the useScrollBarForAllDayEvents property (false by default). Maximum event displayed is controlled by the maxAllDayEventsVisibleCount property (10 by default).
  • Add itemSameDatesCompareFunction to manage same dates item order. You can now implement a custom function and set it to the itemSameDatesCompareFunction property to specify an algorithm to sort items with the same dates based on your business logic.
  • Use all width in day & week when there is no displayed scrollbar


- Fix #209: event starting & ending at midnight on the same date are not displayed
- Fix #210: add transitionUseBackground property to capture the calendar background for transitions (false as it leads to some display bug when cell alpha is not set to 1)
- Fix #211: an exception is triggered when displayMode is set and component is not completely initialized yet (application initialize handler case)
_ Fix #216: some AsDoc comments are not up to date
- Fix #218: sometimes, hidden events in month view are not displayed after an event drag&drop that should make them visible
- Fix #219: now resource, status, column & readOnly information are not mandatory anymore in the provided calendar object
- Fix #221: resized event have a -1 as column when column mode is enabled
- Fix #222: week label abstract renderer may trigger exception when week label renderer is dynamically changed
- Fix #223: make all-day events first (for better month view display) when start date are the same with a classic event
- Fix #226: D&D exception on AIR on MAC
- Fix #227: tooltip position can be not accurate when component is used in a window on AIR
- Fix #228: notDisplayedItems can contain nothing in CalendarDayHeaderRendererAbstract class
- Fix #229: replacing dataProvider object (not modifying) could trigger exception
- Fix #230: ghost renderer if item is removed and changed synchronously in the dataProvider
- Fix #231: on AIR with SDK <= 4: clicking on an item when eventTimeStep was different from mouseSelectionStep led to an item change (small drag&drop)


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