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Synchronize calendar components !

Now with V1.8 you can display multiple calendar components and synchronize it for complex displays...


Enhancements :

* Control the scroll in day/week view (possible to synchronize scroll between 2 components - verticalScrollPositionWeekDayView property)
* Scroll to a given hour in day/week view (scrollToHour method)
* Less memory usage (useless NoDisplayedItemsPopup removed)
* KCDateFieldNew: handle CTRL+click on selected date (KCMiniCalendar) to set the date to null
* New parameter onlyVisibleArea in printCurrentView method to only print the visible area (new onlyVisibleArea in printCurrentView method)
* Add "lassoSelection" event upon lasso selection

And here are the bug fixes :

- Fix #235: bug in week number computation (at least for 1st week of 2013)
- Fix #237: selectedItems setter does not work as expected (selected items are not correctly refreshed)
- Fix #238: visibleRangeChange could be dispatched twice when clicking on a day or a week in month view and clicking on the week number in day view
- Fix #244: Overriding control bar range labels dateRangeFirstDateFormat & dateRangeSecondDateFormat may trigger exception in week view
- Fix #245: KCMiniCalendar is not updated with the current date when it is opened
- Fix #254: event across 2 years are not displayed correctly
- Fix #255: no dateClick event in week/day view if calendarLinksEnabled = false
- Fix #256: dateClick event is dispatched upon a cell click in month view even if calendarLinksEnabled is true
- Fix #257: Day/Week view is not displayed correctly when default view is month view & data collection change occurred while switching to week/day view
- Fix #258: In month view, item renderer display is not updated upon data provider change
- Fix #262: All day-events could be displayed as normal ones if they occurs on the DST clock change (change forward) day and their duration is exactly a day