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KC Calendar 1.6

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Features & enhancements

  • Full customization possibilities: every calendar part (day cells, day headers, day bar, month cells, week bar, hour grid, items, column headers) uses renderers that could be customized. New properties allow to change default part sizes
  • Concurrency support in column mode
  • Range selection support
  • Multiple event drag & drop support in week & day views
  • Lasso selection support (with CTRL key and mouse)
  • Better drag & drop scolling when moving item outside of visible bounds (autoscroll)
  • By default, during a drag operation, the source item is visible until the drop is done. Now this behaviour is controlled by the dragAndDropOriginalItemVisible property.
  • Item left and/or right margin support
  • Year item tooltip custom function support
  • Renderers support IFactory pattern
  • View alpha is now customizable